Ace Recognition - Custom designed recognition products (belt buckles, key chains, plaques, coins, medals, lapel pins) - large or small, customize and personalize with your name, your club, your group - add text, add a logo, picture or photo - custom made the way you want
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  • Your ‘Everyday’ choice in Key Tags
  • One of our most popular and dependable lines of key tags – cast antiqued finish provides a blackened background and a hand polished raised surface to give maximum contrast to all of your designs.
  • Ideal for low volumes / quick turnaround / budget conscious uses
  • Choose from Antique Gold, Antique Silver and Antique Copper.
  • Shinier finishes available in bright Gold / Silver / Copper plating colors as well; or have a look at our die-cast or die-struck medals – best quality if trying to make a significant impression!
  • This type of cast product does not have any set-up or die charges
  • Color epoxy can be added to complete the look
  • Minimum quantities start at the very low 50 piece mark – ideal for any corporate promotion
  • Typical delivery is only about 3 to 4 weeks once you’ve OK’d artwork
  • To get started, Give us some details of what you would like, and we'll get you a quote!
  • Your ‘Everyday Plus+’ choice in Key Tags
  • A little better feel and perception using very high-grade of pewter with ‘no lead’ content
  • No plating required – or suggested – use it’s natural silvery color to accent your design; slightly blackened to capture the contrast of your design
  • Pewter can be produced in 3D – adding contour and shape to your design; if necessary, colors can also be added to illustrate your organizations trademark colors
  • This type of product does not have any set-up or die charges; unless 3D option utilized, where some modelling charges will apply – send us your ideas for quotation
  • Minimum quantities start at the very low 50 piece mark.
  • Typical delivery is only about 3 to 4 weeks after your final OK of artwork or model
  • To get started, Give us some details of what you would like, and we'll get you a quote!
  • Your ‘Top of the line’ choice in Key Tags
  • For your premium event; or your best client rewards, consider the ultimate class of creating your design in fine die struck detail and quality.
  • Expertly struck in brass, your design is reproduced down to its finest detail – nothing is missed. Sandblast background is normally added to bring your design to life!
  • Available in bright Brass, Silver and Copper finishes – highly polished surfaces
  • You can also use color to complete the look, or to represent your team or organizations colors, but it’s not normally recommended with this refined, high end look!
  • Ideal for Corporate gifts or Recognition programs
  • High-end key tags crafted in brass – simulates precious metal with it’s reflective sheen
  • Set-up or die charges will apply on smaller orders
  • Minimum quantities start at a reasonable 100 piece mark.
  • Typical delivery is only about 5 to 7 weeks depending on your design and quantity
  • To get started, Give us some details of what you would like, and we'll get you a quote!

Why custom Key Tags?:

  • Key tags are high visibility promotion / with very economical alternatives available / long lasting and durable items / functional for day-to-day use – everybody has keys and will use key tags / easiest and most cost efficient way to keep your name in front of your client for a long time!
  • Everyone knows it’s important to “make a good first impression” – and equally, we are all trained to always “leave a good impression”. We have the higher end lines of key tags to help you in this regard. Both Pewter and die-struck key tags fit the bill on both of those most important corporate needs.
  • So much to choose from in our line – something for every promotional or celebratory event - there’s got to be something to suit your budget. Key tags you’ll be proud to offer your clients or guests!
  • No matter what the Corporate occasion – Trade shows / Regional Conventions / Business meetings / Annual conventions / Training sessions / Group activities / Incentive getaways / Golf tournaments / Seasonal parties / Graduations / Fundraisers / Exhibitions and launches / Corporate picnics / Anniversary celebrations / Conferences / Fundraising Events / Grand Openings / General Promotions/ PR /Advertising / Branding of retail lines / Product launches / Added value campaigns / Gift with purchase campaigns / Seminars
  • Social Events – we got you covered! How about some key tags to giveaway as mementos at an upcoming social gathering – such as Weddings / Anniversaries / Bat Mitzvahs / Family Reunions / Memorials / Celebrations of Life / Fashion Shows / Concerts / Birthday Parties / Graduations / Proms / Christmas Parties / Singles Events / Community Events.
  • Key tags can be used in many other ways – they’re not just functional – they can be used as a form or reward or recognition. For instance, you can use key tags as gifts to derive pride of membership in the military branches – Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard – OR, such sporting events involving Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Boxing, Cheerleading, Dance, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Karate, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, or Wrestling - we’ve got you covered – no matter what – it’s ALL custom to your specs!
  • Miscellaneous Key Tag uses – they’re as broad as your imagination, for instance - how about Memorial gifts, In Recognition of 25 Years, Outstanding Students, Tournament gifts, Participant medals – it’s all good!

How much does it cost?

  • The more you buy, the lower the cost. Every key tag we make is cast out of molten metal, or struck with a steel die. Each individual piece must be painstakingly hand polished and finished to accommodate your chosen end product – adding a dash of blackening for that aged antique appearance – or the addition of vibrant pantone colors to meet your corporate or organizations demands.
  • While we can do low quantities, realistically for smaller sized pieces, you should be looking to produce at least 100 pieces - in some processes we may be able to produce as little as 50.
  • We can also do orders well into the multiple thousands of pieces per order – this is where you’ll really pull that unit cost down to a very attractive figure. Big or small, we can make them.
  • Using our Design Vault to help get started, can also save you some money.

How to custom key tags:

  • Easy - give us a call, send us an email, fill out our info form, send along a drawing in email, or upload a file for us to look at
  • We've been around, we've seen lots of designs - if you can think it up, we can probably handle it without any problems.
  • Sizing - a typical medal is perhaps around 1.5” to 2” length or diameter – but can be ANY shape – it’s custom!
  • Color - let us know what you want and we can get it done.
  • For an additional charge, we can also provide a 'sculpted 3D design'.

How long does it take?

  • Depends on the quantity of your order, they can usually be made in an average of 3-4 weeks - rush service is available for an extra charge
  • If you would prefer something like ‘die struck’, which offers more precision in sizing and detail, the timing might be a bit longer – usually 5 to 7 weeks. Again, tell us your schedule and we’ll likely be able to accommodate you.

What types of Key Tag finishes are available?

  • Our standard and most popular key tags are the Antique Gold, Silver, and Copper – no matter what the process chosen. Very close behind are the Bright Gold, Silver, Copper finishes – they’re more popular with the groups looking to fully reproduce logos and designs in full pantone colors.
  • And don’t forget about Pewter – these are normally a very nice consideration if you want something a little more prestigious than the base metal antique key tag, but don’t want to spring for the die-struck. Good value and quality in pewter – and naturally, like all of our lines – ‘lead-free’

How do I get started?

Starting at lowest first Weeks Minimum Most Popular Uses
Antique Cast 2-3 50 Promotion
Fine Pewter 2-3 50 Promotion
3D / Sculpted 3-4 50 Promotion - Sculpted Design
Die Struck 5-6 250 Promotion - Fine Detail

Tell us about your product - get a price See sample projects Tips and Tools

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