Ace Recognition - Custom designed recognition products (belt buckles, key chains, plaques, coins, medals, lapel pins) - large or small, customize and personalize with your name, your club, your group - add text, add a logo, picture or photo - custom made the way you want
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Recognition For Everyone - Work, Personal, Social, Hobby!

  • Custom Belt Buckles, Coins, Medals, Ornaments, Lapel Pins, Key Tags, Crests, Emblems, Plaques
  • Almost anything you could imagine - Made Your Way - With Your Logo and Your Design
  • Made in USA, Canada or Overseas - we source the best for you
  • We can custom manufacture school awards - sports awards or scholastic achievement awards.  For the price of stock medals, we can custom make a medal with your school or team logo.
  • Marathons, Triathlons, and Ironman competitions - we can make beautiful keepsake medals to recognize the hard work and dedication of the participants
  • Promoting your rock band and making some extra money at concerts by selling custom made belt buckles - great promtional tool!
  • Military challenge coins - any branch of the military, and any unit.  We can make the special piece to recognize your bravery and accomplishments.
Tell us about your product - get a price See sample projects Tips and Tools

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